Melancholia (North Ridge Demos)

by Dead Like Wolves

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Guitar / Bass / Vocals / Bass / Drums - Roy Brown.

Vocals on 9 & 12 - Shaun Watson


released March 10, 2016

Recorded at North Ridge Studios.
Engineered, Recorded & Mixed by Roy Brown.

All lyrics & music written by Roy Brown.

Except 9,12 by Roy Brown / Shaun Watson.



all rights reserved


Dead Like Wolves Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Calling upon influences such as Beatles, Black Sabbath, Black Flag, Manic Street Preachers, Melvins, Mudhoney, Nirvana, Pixies, Shellac, Sonic Youth and Weezer – Dead Like Wolves create music that puts them way beyond mere revivalists. At a time when derivative bands saturate the music scene. ... more

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Track Name: I Nearly Lost Myself
I Nearly Lost Myself

I'll write a phrase to paralyze

For I'm the king of illiteracy

A twisted line thrown out to see

How slow they crawl the nullified
I held a light against

Transparency allows the dead to breathe

A means to justify
I comprehend I'll be the end of me

I nearly lost myself

I don't know myself

Back in black

I'm wearing thin

I nearly lost myself

I don't know myself

Feel so haunted by your kin

I'll be your muse to analyse

I'll wear the blame upon my sleeve

A blinkered view with open eyes

Doth cast aspersions I am weak

I swallow down to numb the pain

No sense to feel, the dumb cant talk

Awake I lie, the truth will out

These blackened lungs to choked to talk
Track Name: Melanacholia

I'll watch you staring at the waters edge

No line to save you, you can save yourself

Delayed arrival, make your mistake

No one could love you, if you all you love is hate

Despite what I've heard

I'll swallow all your words

And when you fall beneath the waves

You'll wither away

Despise everything you've done

I'm better off never known

Stored memory for later days

Can't stop them falling, falling apart

My heart so hollow, shallow and sparse

I'll watch you drowning, drenched in my pain

So hard to swallow all the things you say
Track Name: (Higher You Rise) Harder You Fall
(Higher You Rise) Harder You Fall

You bend and break to get a piece of me
I conform to what you deem to be
See the world through your own eyes
Don’t even try to claim a suicide

Higher you rise,
Harder you fall
How do you fall
How to evolve
How to revol
Helas oui?

Sewn at the seams, your crooked smile
Seems to me you’re in denial
I can’t stand the imitation scene
Under your pores is where I’ll breathe
Track Name: Scarlet

I couldn't hate you more than I love myself

I'm such a contradiction

I’ll let you build me up just to tear me down

That’s the way I function

Your pretence is nothing special

You've got it down to an art

Serenade me, just to degrade me

I beg, plead with you 

Don't break my heart, heart, heart

Oh my! good, god, gone

Take me home

Pre-empted with a hook I’ll leave you dangling

They tried the witch for treason

You've got to kill yourself to be the latest trend

A cliché for next season?

Watch me fall apart, I can't repair myself

Another line with meaning

Turn to ash and bone,
Now my sense is gone

Oh well I'm such a burden
Track Name: Mourning Sickness
Mourning Sickness

At seventeen, I killed the teenage dream
Take what you want, but leave your sympathy
I hate the world, and the world it detests me
I’ll write a line before I have to leave

It’s so cold for you to lie
But I kind of like it
I can’t breathe or eat and I
I feel I’m dying

Hardest of hearts, has the weakest of frames
But yet it’s such an enjoyable headache
I don’t reflect the way I feel I should
I’m sick and tied; I’ve shut down on myself
Track Name: Jarāmaraṇa

Stolen away from youth

Tortured and self abused

I couldn't heal your scars
no clue

Silence in suffering

Hearts shattered angel wings

A noose tied to heal the pain

Such fools

Gone are the dark days

And all they took from you

Blessed with a sense of shame

I hesitate to prove

Out of the dark, grace

I'd beg, I'd plead with you,

Into the darkest

There’s nothing here for

Scalded by innocence

Shame formed in self defense

She was born into the grave

Love quickly turns to hate

Planning her own escape

I couldn't deviate to prove
Track Name: Japanic!

All you aren't, is all you want

It's all you are, you don't love me

Implore your heart, it's all you've got

Destroy your god, know your enemy

When I'm around, I'm not aroused

Lost and found, Are you with me?

Track Name: Actress

Broken bones from broken homes
Someone knows, to some, unknown
As cold as ice, as hard as stone
I’ve nothing left to take you on

I don’t think that this makes sense
All this shit that’s in my head
Make my enemies my friends
From a lack of self defense

Growing pains, you’re just too old
I’ll throw my hand; it’s time to fold
Feel my pain I can’t escape
This broken home is oh, so safe

Gather round my beautiful
She’s so irresponsible
You’ll clip her wings
And watch her die

This burden that you leave me with
I thank you for your selfishness
Dear actress with a starring role,
I know that I’ve done nothing wrong
Track Name: DM

If I get rid of this feeling
Then it’s over
If I keep it inside
Then I’ll have it

Oh what to do
Oh what to do
What should I do?
What should I do?

I should keep this inside
To obey you
When you tell me to
Please let me have some joy,
I beg you
Track Name: Down

You made the headlines again
For all the wrong reasons
Why did you end up like this?
So numb, I’m feeling
You hit your deadline my friend
That’s the general opinion

I’m not
To let you
Break me

You’ve got them talking again
For such a cynical reason
White light that breaths you right in
I can’t accuse it of stealing
You made your escape again
Made this the last one

Cold skin it covers my heart
I could blame the season
What was your concept in this?
Did you even have one?
I wish I’d known and then
I might I have seen it coming
Track Name: I'm Not Afraid Of Dying (Just The Air I Breathe)
I’m Not Afraid of Dying, Just The Air I Breathe

It’s time to put these ghosts to rest
So they don’t haunt me anymore
I can’t tell you who I am
I’m fucking hatred re-assured

Slave. Slain. Saint.

You get so hung up on yourself
I can’t love you anymore
The wool was darker second time,
But never as black as you

Slave. Slain. Saint.

I am not afraid of dying
I got a fear of breathing in
Jesus Christ she’ll crucify me
God’s a gun with time to kill

Slave. Slain. Saint.
Track Name: (Never Hurt You) Personal Effect
Personal Effect

This hours’ been the hardest
I’ve known it’s been the darkest
You had no right to leave me
Placed trust and you deceived me
Cracks show on exposed surface
No hope could live in solace
Lost chance to say I need you
Right now I’d rather kill you

If I could ever see you again I
Would never hurt you again but I
Will never see you again so I
Would like to hurt you
If I ever see you again I
Will try to hurt you
So when you call
So you want to see me again
Bring your new friend

Never hurt you I (harmony)

This hours been the darkest
You left me feeling worthless
In pieces I lay bleeding
Write out me new prescription
No ink could solve my problems
So hard to make them solvent
The words that people feed you
Come back and will destroy you